Sharing app info when using per user data with another user

Hi Gliders,

Maybe you could think on a solution to my problem as I couldn’t find one.

So, I’m building an app that have to use per user data but I want users to be able to share their data with other users (let’s say husband and wife can see same data and edit each other’s data).

Could not think on an idea to be able to allow 2 users (or more) to see data which belong to another (e.g. using per user data and every entered row automatically receive the user who submits email address).

This is crucial for my app and without it the app lose a lot of its charme.

Is there a way a user can indicate that his data can be shared with specific other user/s? Kind of white list created by the users themself.

Hope I managed to explain the problem and desire solution :crossed_fingers:

Very doable. Check this out.

If you wanted an ability to add or remove a share, you could have a component in the item you are viewing where you could fill in the second, third, etc emails by typing them in or using a choice component. Then it would show up via the solution above.

Hi @Jeff_Hager

Red through the whole thread you linked and I don’t understand how this answer my question.
I’m probably missing the point so if you can try and explain it will be much appreciated.

Just to be clear on what I want to do:

  • I have a user which his email is
  • This user is creating entries in many forms (items, categories, products etc.) And to each entry his email his automatically added using the special user coulmn.
  • This user has a partner who is also in the app with mail and he’s also creating entries same way as user fake1.
  • I want both users to be able to see and edit each other’s entries but won’t see other users entries (i.e.user 3,4,5… With mails fake3,4,5… Etc.)
  • It’s enough that 1 adds the other for the connection to work bidirectional (i.e. if fake1 add fake2 they both see each other’s entries without fake2 needing to add fake1 as well)

Basically, it’s adding a collaborator I guess

What I need is divided into 2 parts:

  1. The ability to “tell” the app that users fake1 and fake2 are authorized to view and edit each other’s entries.
  2. Actually make sure that they see each other’s data and able to edit.
  3. Let fake2 approve the connection which fake1 created.

Sorry for the long braineating :grin:

Set up 2 columns (“Email 1” and “Email 2”). When adding a new record, use the Email Special Value to fill “Email 1”. In Add and Edit mode, also add a text component to fill “Email 2”. When setting up Per User Data, point it to “Email” (Not “Email 1” or “Email 2”).

What is “Email” column? (If I have only “Email 1” and “Email 2”)

Glide creates the “Email” column. It’s a combination (array) of the other columns. That’s why the columns need to be named the same and numbered sequentially. It’s no different than showing multiple images with the slider in an image component. Just try what I said. It will work.

Ok. Thanks. Will try first thing tomorrow morning (almost midnight here :wink:)