Share user-specific data with another user


My users make user-specific lists of people in my app. I’d like users to be able to share a list with other users. Two options I’m thinking about:

  1. Copy the list rows and paste new rows with the recipient’s email (the recipient would then be able to edit)
  2. Simply display the rows for the 2nd user, with no ability to edit

Has anyone done anything like this?

How are your users making user-specific list in your app?

@ThinhDinh When a user adds a list item, the user’s email is entered into a “Row Owner” column in the People sheet. In Glide, I have marked the column as the row owner so only the rows that have a user’s email address in that column will display for that user.

So each user can only see the rows that are assigned to them. But I’d like to somehow give users the ability to share items from their personal lists with specific other people, and I’m not sure how to do this or if it is possible.

If you’re using row owners, that specific row can’t be read by any other users.

However, if you have a form to write that row’s data to another Sheet then display in some kind of a “public” tab then I think it should work.