Sharing lists using Trebuchet Method

I have multiple users and each user owns a list. I want users give access to their personal lists to other users.

In the UI, user enters the email of the user they want to give access to. Email is stored in “Share With Input” and then I look that email in the Users table. Once I have RowID (stored in Lookup User ID) of the added users, I add it to the Owner ID Array Plus CSV.

Then I have an action to copy the value of “Owner ID Array Plus CSV” to “Owner ID” column. For some reason the value is not being copied. I tested the action with a static value added to the “Owner ID Array Plus CSV” and it worked. Is there a bug?

That looks like the correct logic to me. Can you show me how you’re constructing the action? Maybe the computed column didn’t finish calculating in time.

Also, check your User Profiles Table. Does the Email column (or any other column) have Row Owners applied?

Row owner rule was applied, therefore user cannot see the Row ID of another user. I removed the rule and now it works. Worried abour security tho

Take a look at the below, it might be suitable for your use case.