2 row owner per row

hello, can we use a list as row owner ? for example

email@1.com, email@2.com

both users have access to the row.

It’s about confidential user data, so we can’t use visibility or filter.

Only if it’s array derived from sequentially numbering columns in an external sources, such as a google sheet.

Otherwise, you can just have two separate email columns and assign Row Owners to both columns.


I see… i’ve allready think about add column i think it’s the best way, and at least if i want more than 2 users i just add 5 users column and create an field where showing if only 2 or 3 or 4 was not empty for exemple.

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@Jeff_Hager Sorry about that but do you know if it can be create a security problem if we put empty row owners ?

I mean we want our data safe so if anychance of compromise it we don’t go for that.

Thank you !

No, that’s not a problem.
Of course, if every row owner column is empty then no users will see that row.


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