Make Row owner and Make Protected

Hi everybody,

I’m doing a Row Owner from an array column that contains the emails of the users. I want to make protected to don’t show it, but once I do protected, the row disappears from row owner. I mean, when I make Protected the info of this row it’s not appearing to this user who is row owner.

Any idea how to solve it?

That’s what a protected column does. If you make a Row Owner column a protected column, then no rows will be available to any user. Actually, let me correct that. It seems that users will still be able to access their own row, but you won’t be able to use the users email address anywhere in your App.

If you only want each user to be able to access their own row, then all you need to do is apply Row Owners to the email column. Nothing else.

I don’t think I’m explaining well the case, sorry for that. I mean I make an array column with users emails row owner. See the picture below.

Luis (luis…@…com) will have access to row 1 as well as Julia (jpe…@…com).

But I don’t want to show their mail one to another somehow, so I want to make the column protected. But when I make the column protected, Luis can’t have access to row 1.

How can I have both: not to show the emails and make row owner?

Any option or solution? It’s quite important for our development. Are there any shortcuts or workarounds?

You could use anonymous emails. Even if an anonymous email can be seen, it’s not of much use.

Well, this will mean that the real emails will not be able to be used in other parts, right?

This is kind of an odd use case. What is your actual concern here?
Are you concerned that a user could discover an email address of another user by using browser inspection tools? Or do you just not want it shown in the UI?

If the latter, it should be easy enough to keep it hidden. Not truly secure, but maybe good enough? :man_shrugging:

I guess it all depends on what you would be using the email for in other parts of the app.

Kind of with @Darren_Murphy here. This does seem like a unique use case.


My concerns are more in line of the browser inspector tool. Well, I don’t know if it’s a unique case, but it seems quite normal to me. Every app that has row owners from an array with the inspector tool will see the rest of the emails.

With GDPR it could be a breach of sensible info, right?

Well, it is a little peculiar because you are allowing access to the same row of data for multiple people that I assume are not well known to each other. Probably not a typical use case. In most circumstances, a user either has their own row to themselves, or the other row owners on that row are well known to them.

I understand your concern, but I’m not sure that I have a good solution other than to utilize Role functionality with Row Owners. Apply Row Owners to the email column in the user table to keep user data secure, but also give them a Role to use as a Row Owner value in other tables. The only consideration is that all users with an assigned Role are considered Private users.