Hide Data From Public But Use in App


Is there a way I can hide a column from the public so it’s not downloadable but still use the data in that column in the app? If I apply protected columns the app can’t use the data, if I apply row owners, then the data from the other rows can’t be used/seen in the app.


Hi @Jen_NYCP,

Have you tried using an email array column with the user’s email and the admin’s email and add row owner to that column? That will allow you to see the info in that column.

Another idea, depending on what you need to do, is to mirror that column in another workbook and use it as you need.

I hope any of this helps or gives you a better idea.


Are you trying to protect the data from being exposed through the network request method?

I’m thinking if you want to use the data in the app, the device must be able to download it for displaying and calculating.

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Essentially, I have a sheet with three columns (email address, name, special link) I want to protect from users who are not the user signed in, but need to use in the app in a few instances:

  1. When a business signs in, they will need to access their special link.
  2. I have a few formulas set up for an in app chat which pulls the email addresses from the sheet.
  3. There is a directory which does not need to display any of the hidden columns, but if I add row owners, the required data will not be visible to others.

If only there is a way to protect a cell in a specific column for the signed-in user. :smile:

I’d say mirror the public info in another sheet and display it from that one. Then, filter the tab with the protected info by signed in user. However if you really want to protect the info, you need to use row owner otherwise someone who knows how to inspect the app, would be able to see that info.

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I need the data from those columns in certain parts of the app however, so mirroring public info won’t give the app access to those columns.

So I guess this isn’t possible ATM.