A row owner with multiples email address as email login


I’d like to allow 3 persons to see the datas of a row.
I have this sheet :

I get this :

How those 3 users could see only the row in/on which they are (their email address is) ?

The row owner feature doesn’t allow me to select the Email column, only one of the 3 columns (Email 1 or Email 2 or Email 3).

Looks very much like you need to think about assigning roles. :arrow_down:



With a Pro App (i d’on’t have a Pro Private App), is there another solution ?

It looks like the way you have set up your table (Google sheet) is such that the data editor recognises the emails as an array…

My advice would be to not name it as Email 1…2…3 but rather Email1 , Email address 2, Email C…as long as there is no recognisable sequence by the editor then you will be fine.

In the data editor you will then set row owners on all 3 columns and that should solve your issue.

Just go to your Google sheet and change the sequence first and then set the row owners.

Edit: What I have suggested however is not for the User profile set up. As far as I understand, you can’t have 3 emails set up as a user profile email.

What would be the reason for you to want this type of set up? If I may ask…

Hello Luther,

Thanks for your answer.

I’m a pedagogic manager and i’ve created an app for all my students in my department.
Thanks to this app, they can have in their pocket, in their phones, all the informations they need, they can declare themselves when they are in late, they have the menu of the restaurant everyday, thre is a part of the app which is like a LMS, etc.

But this app is also a “link/document/plateform” between their tutor (when they work in their company) and the school.

They are in an apprenticeship system. I need the tutor to be allowed to write informations about my students in this app, at school, the coordinators needs to check the input datas and i’d like to be allow to read al the datas in this app (of all the students).

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Okay I understand what you mean. Based on what you have told me and I hope I have understood you well…

You don’t need the other emails to be user profile emails but they can still exist in the user profile sheet or table and just set the Row Owners over those email columns.

Row owners can only be set over basic column and not computed column which is why the system would not let you set Row Owners over the “Email Array” column.

Do you enter you email and that of a tutor manually or how does it end up as part of that User profile table?

Thanks a lot for all these different informations.
I’ve tried everything but i’ve just realized that i had a public app and not a public with email.
Now, it’s OK. 3 of my columns have the Row owners attribute and i got what i want. 3 different persons can have access to the student’s datas. You’re last message helped me to understand others issues. Merci beaucoup.

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