Row Owner vs filter group

I was playing with the Row Owner feature, and discovered I can make an array of ownership email addresses, and set that array as row owner in the data sheet.

Couldn’t something similar be done with keywords to act as filter groups? I could set all my emails in columns and create an array, but keywords seems simpler to me.

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Can you please share how did you do this ?

Make columns named “Email 1”, “Email 2”, “Email 3”, etc. When you go into the Editor, you will see it being presented as an array column named “Email”. You can set ownership for that column.,next%20number%20in%20each%20column.

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I tried it but still you can’t make a ROW OWNER to a lookup column if I need to use this same column

Can you describe your use case? Can you try making the relation single and see if it works?

I tried the single relation as well it didn’t work, am defining each data email access in a separate sheet and looking it up by the app better than using google sheet formulas to avoid loading hassels in the app due to a-lot of formulas

Is there any reason you can’t filter by signed in user instead of setting Row owner? I’m assuming row owners only works if the email is on the actual sheet you are trying to set it on. Otherwise it’s too easy for the email to change based on the relation and lookup, which defeats the purpose of having a row owner in the first place.


Thats what I figured out but the problem is I found out filters won’t be efficient for user it will expose all data in the backend

I didn’t make a lookup column a row owner, I made an array column the row owner as a workaround to setting permissions without the relations>lookups. You can still make that array column the row owner, i just tested on a new file. Jeff’s right, there’s really no reason to do that anymore with the ability to filter by signed in user.

Using the method ThinhDinh explained in his post. “Email 1, Email 2, Email 3…”

I hear ya. RowID is definitely more secure. Like I said before, it might be the vulnerability of using a lookup value for row owner, or it may be that a lookup column is not seen as an email column, so the option to make row owner isn’t visible. It’s also possible that Glide just never considered a scenario like yours.

If at all possible, I would attempt to use the array column method if you have multiple users that you need to make the row owner. If you only need one column to indicate row owner, then it could be easier. In either case, you may need to use formulas (such as vlookup) in the google sheet to fill an email column that glide should then allow you to make the row owner against that column.

Even using the array won’t work because there are other tables that are having an organization ID and this organization ID has certain emails to only access it and the table records might reach 5000 record and the only workaround for this is to create a lookup formula in these other tables via google spreadsheet which also an issue that will create a slow load in the sheet it self

The structure is each organization has a certain Admin(s) or even one admin and each record in the other tables is associated with the Organization ID and there is a relation with the organisations to be able to lookup the admin that can access these tables data based on their signed in emails

So even if we considered having one Admin ONLY there is no ability for the lookup to work properly due to the lookup column can’t recognize 1 single email or multiple

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Can we see a sample of how your data is structured?