Adding multiple users to a thing when using a collection component

How do I associate multiple users with a “thing”?
I have a table for volunteers assigned which tracks volunteers and their associated things.
To this end, I’ve added a collection in my UI where a volunteer can be assigned to a thing.

I enabled allow selecting multiple but it only shows the active user as an option.

My guess is that your Users table has Row Owners applied to the Email column.

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Just checked… it does. It offers the ability to remove row owners. Seems to have this as the default. What do I lose if I remove this?

Okay… reading up on row owners, I don’t think it is critical for this app. But would it mean that all users can see the email addresses of other users by inspecting network traffic? If so, that would not be a good thing in the long run.

It looks like I need to have a volunteers list with volunteer ids first :thinking:

More or less, yes.

Row Owners controls which data is downloaded to each users device.
With row owners applied, only “owned” rows will be downloaded.
Without row owners applied, all rows will be downloaded (if the associated table is referenced anywhere in the App).

If security of user data is important, another option that’s commonly employed is to create a separate “Public” profiles table. See below for gory details:

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Makes sense but :face_exhaling: … just catching my breath before diving in.

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Okay… that was really helpful. It also gives practical usecases of custom actions and the set column value action. I know what to do now. Will report back once it is in place. In my case, I don’t need a fancy user profile, I will probably capture the names, phone numbers and user ids in a user profile.

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Just be aware that if your App will require (or allow) sign in, then you do need to configure User Profiles, which requires a table with a minimum of 3 columns - one each for Name, Email & Avatar (Image).

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@Darren_Murphy man you saved my day twice today! :partying_face:

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