Add tab that goes directly to a form or other screen

I’m including a Feedback form in most of my apps and I’m putting the link to the form as a tab in the Menu. The way I currently do it is that I have the tab open up a page with a button on it (nothing else). The button links to a form. Is it possible to have a tab that goes directly to a form (so it would act like a button, and not a tab, I guess).

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May have figured it out… the form fields can just be added individually as components when using the Details view. I think this will work for me.

Scratch that… those fields just let the user enter data, not submit it as a form. I guess I didn’t figure it out. See original post for question/feature request if it doesn’t exist somehow.

I don’t see a way to have just clicking on a page tab open up a form in edit mode. What you are doing is it. You could put that button on any details page, so it doesn’t have to be a dedicated tab, but I suspect you already know that.