"Navigate to a tab" & the Tab is not available & Have to Create "Link to Screens" Identical to the tab?

I created a form button that navigates to a tab. However, now the tab is not available, independent of the tab. I want the user to have the options of clicking on the form button to get to the tab or just clicking on the tab itself.

Is there any easier way to rectify this problem without creating a forum button that links to a screen and then recreating the contents in the tab?

Hey ! Thanks for sharing your issue with the community.

I think that you’re referring to the following post :arrow_down:

Can you confirm ?

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Can you explain what you mean by the form navigating to a tab? Are you using a Navigate to Tab action on Submit in the form? Forms are for adding data, so I’m not quite clear if you are adding data and then on Submit of the form you want to navigate to another tab, or are you building a screen within that form? If you are navigating to a tab, it would already be a tab that exists, so you should be able to just show the tab at the bottom of the screen.

Based on your post, it does not look like an easier way to deal with this. Thanks!

From an “ok button” --I added a option “navigate to tab” and thereafter, the only way that I can access that tab is through that “ok button” NOT the tab itself. So I created “an ok button” with an option “link to screen” which allows me to recreate the information in the tab. I was hoping there is an easier way of doing this but it does not seem like that is an option. Thanks!

I’m still a little confused. Did you create and design an actual tab, or did you create a link to screen. Those are different things. I might need some screenshots to understand better. If you have an actual tab, then you should be able to get to it from anywhere. A Link to Screen is different and has to be recreated each time you create a new Link to Screen action.

Yes, you understand. I was hoping that I do not have to recreate a new Link to Screen and it seems that I have to. Linking a button to a tab that I created and designed seems to eliminate its direct access to it. Does that make sense?

Yes, like I said ‘Link to Screen’ can’t be reused throughout the app at this time. You would have to recreate it each time. If you instead create a tab, then you can use the ‘Navigate to Tab’ action to navigate to that existing tab.


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