Button link to hidden tab

Has anyone figured out/does the functionality exist, to link to a hidden tab from a button? I tried but its not working for me. Or in the least, link to a tab in the menu- that is not working for me either.

Navigate to Tab (not link to tab) definitely works for Menu tabs.
My understanding is that hidden tabs cannot be used at all.


ok, that will work. Thanks Darren. Would be cool though to send them to a tab that is hidden so we have a way to make things appear not so overwhelming/massive long menu list. Maybe some day…

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I had this problem as well. What I did was to group similar functions together into a single tab.
For example, I had a bunch of admin related tabs. For these, I created a single “Administration” tab that just has a bunch of buttons. Each button navigates to a separate admin related screen. Maybe a similar approach to that could work for you?


I hear ya, I have a little bit of that and it helps- maybe my app is just getting too big/beyond a normal case use scenario (70 sheets). Shouldn’t be an issue on other projects.

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If you use the Link to Screen action on a button, it will open a new screen that you can treat and design just like you would a tab. I realize sometimes we tend to design a tab first and later change our mind and want to access it via a button instead of a tab. Unfortunately you’ll have to redesign the Link to Screen view to look like the existing tab looked.

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Hi, I also tried this but I solved with navigate to tab and then I designed the related page.

Shouldnt design first if you dont want to put a tab :slight_smile:

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Bahadir, you are so right. My first app and I had not idea what I was doing(still don’t actually hahahaha) or how large this project would end up being which is now kinda nuts at 70+ sheets. Next time I will use your approach to keep the number of tabs down. Thanks bro.

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