🤗 Action: Navigate to Tab - Does not work for hidden Tabs, why not?!

I think it would be much better if you hide a tab the action “Navigate to tab” should still work on it. Otherwise why would i need a hidden tab? Just for storage sure but it would help to save time if you can navigate even to hidden tabs especially to make the UI much much cleaner. So You can jump with actions to certain tabs without having them shown on the menu or on the bottom bar! :smiley:

Or is there any reason why this should not work?

Is this is easy to implement I would love you GLIDE! :pleading_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Actually @Nico , that’s not a bug but how it works.

In terms of UI could be better indeed, but if we think a little more we realize it works the way need to be.

Usecase: Imagine I’m a normal user and there’s a button/action to Navigate to Tab ‘Monthly Profits’, visible only to admins users set with a visibilty to get only the user is signed-in is Admin. For this normal users this tab is hidden.

My suggestion: this ‘hidden’ tab can be in the menu to not be showing everytime in tab bar and you add the Navigate to tab action to it


This could be awesome if in some update we could tap something like this visible/hidden it’s already in staging, but in a way we can also Navigate to hidden tabs

PS: I tested in staging and it’s not available to navigate to hidden tabs


The alternative is to use the Link to Screen action. The Navigate to Tab action was added as an alternative to Link to Screen, so a user could navigate to a tab and have the proper tab icon highlight at the bottom of the screen. Because of that, the tab needs to be visible. If you use Link to Screen to navigate to the same sheet of an existing tab, then the icon of the associated tab sheet wouldn’t highlight, so it was asked to have a Navigate to Tab option added.

It would be ideal if we could use an existing tab configuration for a Link to Screen, or reuse the Link to Screen action on multiple buttons, then you would get the results you want, but for right now, that’s not an option.


Hey Lucas,

thanks for the fast reply. Maybe If I talk about my problem in more detail it gets more clear to you.

So normally when you start with a new app you make a tab and for example I made a swipe app creating a quiz with lots of buttons conditions special action and more. So now the problem. I want more than one quiz. So sure I can do more tabs for each quiz but that would overload the app seeing all this quizes as tab in the bottom bar or as menu points.

Therefore I made a category tab liking with buttons to the tabs but then I saw I had to make them still visible that kinda sucks and I did not get it why would you even have hidden tabs category, when there is no way to access them? They are not hidden they are not used at all it’s just for storage and saving.

So now I struggle a little bit, since swipe is not available for inline lists. How is it possible to make swipe layouts without creating tabs?

Or is there any other way this can be done? Maybe I am just confused and there is any easy to do this without having tabs for each quiz :joy:

Cheers, Nico

This way, @Jeff_Hager’s tip to use Link to screen action is better to get what you want. You wont need any tab or hidden tab. You’ll only need to set this screens for each quiz


Ah! This is an option!

But then from the category field I need to get to another screen using individual config, that has the button to the quiz with link to screen.


What about if a tab was hidden (with visibility conditions, not actually hidden), then the action with the Navigate to Tab has an increment action in it too (that value makes the tab visible). On that tab, you could have a “Close” button with an increment action to return the value to the one that would hide the tab again from view. The kicker, store the tab in the Menu (not the main tab bar) and its icon won’t be immediately visible when you do this set of actions. The user may not even know this is how it’s working.

I haven’t tried this, but I think it should work with some fairly simple actions that increment or set columns accordingly.


Thanks man,

Also a good workaround! :blush::+1:

I will stick with the link to screen way for now seems more fluent and valid.


While somewhat dated, I too think “Go to Tab” should allow you to override visibility conditions and navigate to a hidden tab. Link to Screen is nice, but for highly customized tabs/pages it can be very frustrating if you need to access that page from multiple locations/actions. I often end up needing to recreate and then maintain multiple versions of what should be the same page.

Adalo’s approach works better here, where you can create new pages/screens without adding them to the tab or side navigation menu and then navigate to them and pass a context from anywhere. In Glide, I could achieve something similar by navigating to a hidden tab and using Set Columns to pass the context.