Any update on going to hidden tabs?

Hi everyone! Searched the forum and see some old posts that referenced no-longer-in-existence solutions after Glide updated the navigation actions. So just wanted to pop in to ask if there is a way I can make a button “go to” a hidden tab? I do NOT want the screen to show up in the menu at all, just want it to be able to be linked to for onboarding purposes. Cant seem to find a workaround yet that doesn’t involve a menu with a million links or icons.

Add a Column in the user table for “Onboarding Complete” and add a tab called “Welcome”
set the welcome tab visibility to only show when “Onboarding Complete” is not done.

Hope this resolves your issue.

I follow all of @Robert_Petitto videos so this is the method I already have :slight_smile:
But I do not want even the welcome tab to show to new users. I want a menu that only has the Sign In and About links. I only ask because I saw this first-hand in another Glide app so I know its possible just dont know how they did it.

Adding to what @Thoughts said, if you use Pages, you can choose to Hide the tab from Navigation meaning anybody can still access that Tab, but it just wont show up in the Nav Bars. You can also combine that with hiding tabs on Visibility.

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Do you Pages as in Glide Pages and not Glide Apps? Sorry since im new i never know if theres a distinguished lingo for each.

Yes so right now I have visibility set to only new users who arent approved. But if I add on top of that to Hide a page…it will not allow any buttons to link to that page, which I need that as well. Is there a workaround?

Correct Glide Pages allows you to hide tabs from Nav Bar. Glide Apps do not allow this.

If you have a Visibility setting on your Welcome screen for unapproved people, then after they finish onboarding you will need to use a Set Column action to change their status from unapproved to approved. They will then no longer see the Welcome Tab.

Adding to @Thoughts suggestion, you can also set visibility on all other tabs. If your onboarding flow only needs to show one tab, then set that tab to be visible via a visibility condition and set the other tabs to not show based on that same visibility condition. If only one tab is visible, then no tabs will show at the bottom.

Sorry yeah I might not be explaining the best. I followed Bob’s tutorial on this to a T, so I am all set and versed on the visibility. I have that squared away. New users cannot see anything in my app, and existing users can see everything EXCEPT the welcome screen.

My question is: i want to specifically remove the Welcome screen title from the menu as well. I still want new users to land on it after they sign in, but I dont want the screen title to display in the Menu, only Sign Out and About. I saw this in another Glide App and trying to figure out how they accomplished that.

Can you share a screenshot of your desired result?

Take the tab out of the side menu. It should be in your bottom tabs.

Yes I already tried swapping by moving from menu to tabs, but all that does is move it around. It will then show up as a tab. The goal is to hide the names of these screens period. The only way that works is if i move to tab and set it to Hidden and it “still” displays after signin regardless of being hidden.

Yes! Here you go…this is a welcome screen onboarding from another app. Ive seen a few apps at this point that all have zero links in the menu AND no tabs displayed at the bottom of the screen

It shouldn’t show as a tab if it’s the only tab visible.

I’m gonna need to see screenshots of the tab panel in the upper corner of the builder, the visibility conditions on the Welcome tab, and visibility conditions on another tab.


Oh gotcha! Sorry I misread what you said before. Ok so you mean leave only one man standing kind of deal. That worked! So now I learned how to hide tabs from the bottom menu bar when there are 2, but still didnt solve my particular issue so here’s a screenshot. I have 3 different welcome-related screens. Welcome #1 will show up and get effectively ‘removed’ from the tab bar if I set Welcome #2 to hidden. But setting those pages to hidden, even if the visibility filter on that page is for users who aren’t completed yet, hides that page from everyone. So am I missing a step? I want to still have the pages show up, just not in the menu list OR tab bar.

(info/photos redacted since its of actual students and our app is private)

Exactly. If there is only one tab that can be shown, then the tab bar is hidden since it’s not needed.

I think I need more details on your onboarding flow. So you are saying that you have 3 separate tabs? Should a user be able to navigate between those three welcome tabs, and if so, how are you expecting to navigate between those 3 tabs if they are not visible. Or is it a step-by-step kind of thing? Do they fill in Welcome1, then go to Welcome2 and finally finish on Welcome3 before their profile is complete?

Initial thoughts would be that you either need to combine everything into a single tab with visibility conditions on each component; or use a New Screen action instead of tabs; or add additional filters to still only show one tab based on which stage they are on in the onboarding flow.

Yes so its just one welcome tab using the new screen action all the way through. But we have 2 other tabs with help text and just basic info since Glide doesnt do notifications or easy popups without css, etc…this was our way to workaround. So its too late to add them to the initial welcome screen because i have no energy to rebuild that entire flow again. I just want to solve it by hiding the tabs completely as its not necessary to be seen, but I still need to link to them from a button on our welcome screen.

Well, then you would have to start applying CSS to hide the tab bar. You will need to apply it to all screens where you don’t want the tab bar to be visible. I don’t usually give advice on CSS, but if you search the forum, there should be some posts on how to do it.

Ok perfect, thank you! I dont mind if it involves CSS, i just basically wanted to know what the solution was exactly since I knew it must exist. If its CSS i will get it done. Thanks again!

Try this CSS

[id="tabBar"] {
display: none;

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