How do I hide/remove/delete a tab?

First let me say that I love this app. I would however like to delete a tab showing all products when I prefer to limit it to subcategories. I just can’t figure out how to actually delete or remove a tab. I have done searches here and on Google to no avail. Surely this is so simple that I must be blind.

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Drag it to the Hidden section in the Tabs settings.

Glad you like Glide!

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Okay, now I am wondering why my tabs don’t show up on the screens that connect directly from the main menu. I’d sort of like them to be persistent on any page, or have the option to show them.

This is a design decision we will revisit. We followed a precedent on Android but even we find it confusing.

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I’ll get creative and find a workaround but it does seem strange that I need to hit a back button on a page with no tabs to make the tabs appear for the first time.

“For the first time” — what do you mean by this? Is your app opening to a menu tab on launch? If so, that’s a bug.

I open the app using Products menu item. A Products screen appears which has no Tabs at bottom. I click on Back and am presented with a screen that has the Tabs.

Speaking of potential bugs, I notice that images are being shown below the top search area as a transparency bleed through. Hard to explain other than by showing.

Notice how the orange colour of the item in the image is appearing under the search item area. Not a big deal until it is so you may wish to alter the boundaries of each component.

Yes, that is not technically a bug, but is something we are reconsidering.

That’s also intentional. We appreciate the reports but please keep this topic focused on ‘How do I hide/remove/delete a tab?’

Will do. Just overwhelmed at the moment with all of your app’s greatness.

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