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Hello, how are you, I need to remove the burger menu button and work only with the tabs in the lower menu and this will take me to the content of the burger menu, can it be done? Very thankful.

You need to put all your tabs in the menu section. A little :information_source: icon will remain. Please note that if your app is user-restricted the hamburger menu can’t be deleted, simply because users must be able to login/logout. More on that here :arrow_down:

This page is also a useful resource :arrow_down:

Please let us know if this helps ?


If you don’t want visible tabs, I would recommend using the Link to Screen action instead of a Navigate to Tab action.


Of course I have a login with email accounts so from what you tell me, the burguer menu will not be deleted, mmmmmm, well I can’t change the login for me it is important to keep it so I have custom templates for users and I need them to log in. . I will not be able to eliminate it then, anyway I appreciate the clarification, Thank you very much anyway for the help, Greetings.

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Hi Jeff I wanted to know if you can help me with this problem, very grateful.

I’ve never set up a custom domain and never done any work with SEO, so I don’t think I can be much help. You probably know more than I do in that department. :grin:

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Thanks Jeff anyway, do you know who I can find this out with in Glide?

Not sure, unless somebody else chimes in. I don’t recall seeing very many SEO related posts in the forum, so I don’t know how much success others have had.

Exactly, it is important for the image and above all so that the user knows what it is about, for example now a message appears indicating that Javascript needs to be enabled so the user when seeing this does not know what the App is about, it has good positioning since it is a subdomain of my site so i want to set this up correctly.! And then if you look at it, the words that are on the registration or login screen appear.

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