Burger Menu Still Showing After Removing Tabs from it

Hi there,

Does anybody have the same issue?
I would like to remove the burger menu and use the bottom tabs only.

Thank you for your help!

This happens if your app requires sign-in.

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Ok, got it. Thanks a lot David.

Burger menu shows up in the desktop app builder but does not show up in the app. I have signed in and out a couple of times. Any ideas? Is this a bug?

Can you record a video of the bug? Thank you.

Its simple: Hamburger menu shows up in the app builder but not in the app.

What type of app are you having? Is it a Public app, a Public with Email or a Private app?

Private app with email login

Check that. Public App with email login

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More info: Although the Burger Menu does not show up in the app, if I click where it is supposed to be (top left), I get the nav menu.

Can you send over a screenshot of that specific part, or a link of the app so we can test on our devices?


Burger menu shows up on Android device but not iPhone.

Shows up on Chrome on my Mac.

Shows up on iPhone as well.

See what happens after you login.

Yes this is after I login.

I mean create a profile and then see if the menu is there

Two screenshots attached. In the iPhone screenshot, there is no hamburger menu and the tabs at the bottom do not include the icons. Compare against the screenshot from the app builder. Open for suggestions. Thank you.

On desktop.