Sign out not accessible in mobile view via hamburger menu

The sign-out is not showing in the hamburger menu

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Yes it is.

Mine are not showing across all my apps. What could be the problem?

It looks like the tab menu at the bottom is hiding it.

Need more information. A screen shot would be useful.

Sign out is showing on my classic app but not my app.

Okay, now I see what you mean - and I can replicate it. Looks like a bug, I’ll let the team know.

Update: I’ve retitled this post for clarity, and reclassified it as a bug. Glide team have been made aware of the issue.

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Thank you very much. I have user that needs to sign out and can not. Again, thank you for your help.

Thank you for helping. I still noticed that the sign out tab was visible but behind the menu tab.

I pity the foo that cannot log out.

Jokes aside, even I’m stuck in the ‘Glideverse’

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Any update on this issue?