How to logout from application ? Could not find any option in Menu


Application links

I have sent application link to a phone.
In settings, I checked the option Login with Public with Mail.
I got the link in mobile and accessed the application and entered data.
Now I want to logout and try from another mail id, there is no option of logout.
I have logged out from my Google account and cleared the cache
But Glide by default takes the first login id that I have logged in.
How do I logout from Glide application ?
Does Glide support row level access using mail id ?

If you add a tab to the menu section, then the hamburger menu will display at the top left of the app. In there will be a Sign Out button.

Yes, you can set filtering and visibility to only show items and components where the email column matches signed in user. Setting row owner will also limit views to only the signed in user.