Signing out

Is it possible to manually sign out a user from the

If you have already signed into an app, Glide will recognize that device and keep it signed in.
To enable users to sign out of your apps, add the app menu. When users open the app menu they will see a sign out button.

Hey @Glider here it is

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@Glider - are you asking if it is possible to manually sign out some other user? If this is what you are asking, I don’t know of a way to sign someone else out. But I have added an ‘Enabled’ true/false setting in the ‘users’ sheet and have restricted all of the major app components to only show if a user is ‘enabled’. In this way I can turn on and off access for a user without having to delete/change their email. If they are in the app they will still see their current screen, but the next time they click they will just see blank screens if they are not ‘enabled’.

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@eisenman thanks a lot but that is not wah i really want