Can you automatically sign people out of your app? After a time period? After an IP change

Hi There.

My use case is that I will be using GlideApps as a data capture. To stop the same user reporting continuously I would like to sign them out after a certain time period or manually.

Is this possible

I don’t believe there is any way to automatically cause a user to be signed out.
Manually - I guess you could change or delete their email address and that should log them out.

But, would it be good enough to hide the relevant input components once a user has provided the required data?

Doing that would be easy enough.

Thanks @Darren_Murphy.

We have already thought about the visibility option, but we want them to sign in again.

My work around would be an integromat scenario that would delete the users email. We would have their email stored in a separate Airtable. Later, another scenario would be triggered that add their email again into the app.

Can we know more about this use case? Are you letting them write new rows via a form? Is there a way for you to hide the form after a certain number of reports?