Possible to sign-out a user manually?

While we wait for the Glide team to add sign-in/sign-out, user passwords, etc to the platform - does anyone know if it is possible to somehow manually sign-out a user (email whitelist app). For example, let’s say a user logs in with another person’s device or on a public computer, etc it would be great if I could manually sign-out that user somehow as a last resort.

The only way that I have read about is to clear the cookies of device in question.

OK thanks, George!

Then I will spend some time improving my app while I wait for the sign-out functionality to be added. :smiley:

My use case that I want to try out involves users adding data that should not be accessible by anyone other than themselves.

You can do that now but as you stated once a user signs-in from a device, that sign in lasts pretty much forever. So signing in from a public device would be a problem.

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What if you remove the user from the Google Sheet share settings itself? Wouldn’t that automatically remove access to the user in the glide app?

The sheet is actually shared with Glide, not the individual users, so I think that would not work. If it was a whitelist type of sign-in, then removing their email from the whitelist sheet would prevent them from signing in however.