How do you sign out of an app?


Does any one know how to reset an app once an email has been given and a four digit pin has been entered.
The reason for that question is that I built an app for my students and one of them entered the wrong email. So he had access to the app without the data and now can’t ask for another 4 digit number with the right Email adress as there is no sign out button.


Hey there @moreula, if you refresh your browser or delete the app and re-add it to your home screen this often solves it. What device and browser is your student viewing the app on?

Hello jack
On iPhone mainly and chrome but I suppose that the Pb is for several students and different devices and browsers.

I asked my student to refresh their screen and after 2/3 refresh it seems to ask the email again to get the four digit number code.

Any other advices?


That’s pretty much it, you can remove the app from your phone or clear your browser’s cache.

At the moment we don’t have a proper user-login system so you can’t simply log out. We will do this in future.

There is some more info here:

Please add Sign Out.
You already use cookies + application/local storage to sign a user in, adding code to clear those is easy.
Asking users to clear the browser cache for a range of commons scenarios is not friendly.

Hey Tim, yep - we’d like to do this. Just a question of when.

Thanks Jack for quick reply.

The team has built a great product. I’ve played with a lot of modern RAD tools.
The UX and feature set is well considered.

But I also build product, and a system with a Sign In should also have a corresponding Sign Out built at the same time.
I’ve been testing some things with multiple people and the lack of Sign Out has been a pain.

The roadmapping decision here intrigues me.

Hey Tim, it’s a good point. I brought it up last night with the team. We’re looking at it at the moment.