Feature Request: Sign-out option on password-protected apps

I’m playing around with a new app set to “limit access by password”

Been looking everywhere for the option to sign out - thought I finally found it when I added a menu tab that activated the hamburger menu (which then showed a sign-out option when in the builder) but turns out that’s really a sign-in-and-out option for signing into the app with email only, not a password.

Unless I’m missing something currently the only way to sign-out of a password-protected personal app is to have another user attempt to sign into it. Can a sign-out action for this be added? Use case is an extra layer of protection over sensitive information should your phone become lost or stolen.

(I’m guessing I can create a password screen using tab-visibility but that feels rather dinky?)

Thanks for reading!

I too am having issues with the signin/out facilities. They don’t seem to work as expected. On my App creation page there is a Sign Out but not when you use on the phone.
This app is on test on the free plan so only need one user (for now). But surely you can sign out of the app and not have to leave it open on the device. Seems like a big security risk…
If I am doing something wrong please do advise.

@GP1 I had figured out that the builder showed a “sign-out” option for me because you are always signed-IN when working inside the builder. It won’t even let you sign out of your app there. But also having those sign-in / sign-out options only seems to apply to apps where you sign in with an email address, not a password. The password-protected apps don’t have a sign-OUT option at all, which I also feel is a security risk. (The only way I was able to activate a sign-out screen was to have another user try to sign-in which forces the sign-out screen due to the 1-person limitation on the free plan)