Turn off Email Login Function when app with pin code login

Hello All, Is it possible to turn off the email login function in the menu tab?

Because my app is planning to use the pin code function only. but after the user login with the pin, they will be able to see the email login function in the menu tab, and then they will be curious to enter their email address and enter a pin they received. I don’t want this email login function, because once they off the app. they will be required to enter the website pin code again and the email login function is useless for my app. Thank you!

Hi Edwin, when you mention the “email login function in the menu tab”, are you talking about this?

Yes. This one.

What happens if a signed in user (via your pin method) signs out via this screen? Genuinely curious because I have never used this tab. I always build a separate profile tab myself.

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It will ask for the website pin again. What I want is I don’t want user to use the email login Function. I just want the website pin “password” option only. Because I don’t need a user profile.

If you’re asking how to turn that off then the short answer, as far as I’m aware, is no. The whole point of that function is to enable the users to easily sign out, sign in and update their profile picture.

That is kind of odd for a password only sign in to the app. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought there was a scenario where if you didn’t have any tabs in the menu and you weren’t using any functionality that required sign in with email, then instead of the menu, there would only be an (i) info button at the top left. If you can get it to show up like that, then the user won’t see the sign in/out options. Again, I don’t remember what the conditions were for that to happen.


A public app without user profiles set up will show the (i) button, I think.

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yep, that’s it. I was trying in a dummy app, but forgot to turn off user profiles.

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How to turn off user profile?

Watch the video for the steps to add user profiles, but instead of selecting a user profile sheet, deselect the sheet so user profiles don’t have a sheet to attach to.


I didn’t select a sheet, but once the user login with their email, it will automatically generate a new sheet. That’s what is happening to me.

U try to set a password to the app, and add a tab into the menu bar, and don’t select a user profile sheet, Then u tap the menu bar “login”, use your email address to register, it will generate a sheet for you.

That’s the whole point I was getting at. As long as you are not using user profiles and you do not have any tabs in the menu, the menu will be hidden and the sign in option is not visible.

Any sign ins to the app (whether or not you are using user profiles) will generate an app: logins sheet. This is not a user profile sheet. It is only a log of each time a user signs in, whereas a user profile sheet stores user profile information that is accessible throughout the app and only adds a new user once.

The point I’m getting at is if you make sure the menu is not visible, then a user cannot voluntarily sign in. It’s not a good solution, but it’s the only one we have at this time.

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Understand. And thank you very much for your great explanation.

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