Suppress the Sign In on the menu

In a non email/pin app that doesn’t allow comments there should be a way to suppress the Sign In on the menu.


Totally agree. In a public app I don’t want people to supply their emails. This is also a gdpr issue


i believe it’s a way for people to create a username, not to actually “sign in”. And from a marketing perspective, collecting emails is a plus!

I get that but in some cases it just leads to questions from the users. I’m just asking for it to be optionally turned off if so desired.


Agree with this. Any answer here? I also want to disable the sign in

It seems to me like the option to use email for app sign in should automatically sign users in to the other sign-in interface for chat/comments. Signing in again seems (and likely is) redundant.

You should be able to create a relation to that sign-up field so that if we have an app that has a “profile” sheet, those fields (like user photo, etc) could be used to “sign in” to that interface and populate it as needed.

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