Is there a way for users to skip sign-in, registration, PIN-codes sent to email, etc?

Hey guys, is there a way for a future users to sign into my app without registration, PIN-codes sent to email, etc.?
So basically they would just go straight into the app?

Thank you!!

Without signing into the app how do you expect them to have their own account?

So would they ever have an account on your app? If you don’t expect them to, you can keep your app settings as “Public” - “No sign-in”.


I would like for them to look into the app first so they see what’s inside. Then sign-in would be optional it’d be perfect.

Oh, thanks a lot @ThinhDinh ! That would do although somehow I don’t have such an option in Privacy tab, possibly because I’m currenttly on a free plan with Glide.

You can choose Optional Sign In.

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Yeah atlhough it probably wouldn’t allow anyone with the link to my app to sign-in, right?

Yes, if that’s what you want.
Once you select Optional, then you get to choose who can sign in. One of those options is “Anyone”.
Have you tried it?


Thank you @Darren_Murphy !

Yepp, it worked, appreciate it :slight_smile:

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