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Sign In Settings: For the first 3 weeks of using our app, users did not have to enter a PIN after entering their email address. Now all of a sudden, PINs are being sent to users. My settings are still on Public. Any ideas? It’s frustrating for us because extra steps are obstacles for many of our users.

Your settings is Public or Public with Email?

If Public, they should not enter their email address, so no need of a PIN. If Public with email, and if they don’t sign in with a Google account, it’s “normal” that they receive a PIN, as a PIN is “nearly” needed every time a user log in (not really sure about how long a user can remain logged in / recognizedafter he provides the PIN)

So if I have it set on Public and a user goes to “Sign In” what information will they need to provide? Email and then PIN confirmation? Or just email?

I have checked with multiple people who used the “Sign In” feature when we first rolled out the app 3 weeks ago and none of them had to receive/enter a PIN. All they had to do is enter an email address and they were done. I really want to turn this off if I can.

First of all, a public app should never be asking for an email unless a user explicitly clicked on the sign in button in the menu.
Second, it is normal behavior for any sign in, whether it’s the sign in button on a public app or a sign in on an app that’s set to public with email or whitelist, to require a pin. It has always been this way and the pin is there to ensure that there is no unauthorized use of someone else’s email. I wouldn’t want someone to sign into an app using my email without my knowledge. I’m not sure how you were doing this without being prompted for a pin.

If anything, it may have been a bug to allow you to do that…and a big security bug in my opinion. Maybe it was patched recently.

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Glide does not have a feature where a user can sign in by providing their email address only, without typing in a PIN. If your users tell you this, they are mistaken.

You make a good point with that. Okay - we will just adjust our instructions. Thank you!

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I’m one of the ones who did it for several weeks and have the logins to show it with no PIN. :-). In any case we will move forward.