Users Complaining of Bad PINs

New to the Community and have looked for answers on this subject. I just recently launched my App, I am receiving private notices that the PINs that are generated are not working. They are unable to sign into my App…HELP!
Has anyone else had this happen. Is there a fix?

Thanks in advance

What is the error that shows on their screens?

Thanks for your prompt reply. I guess I should’ve asked but they requested up to 3 each and still couldn’t gain access to the App.

Can you ask them what type of email are they using? Is it Gmail, AOL, Outlook, etc.?

App builders have reported many times about their users not getting pins and I think the problem is always that the email provider somehow “blocks” Glide.

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I am emailing them now to find out who hosts their email. However, they receive the PINs, type them in but the App does not open for them.

If they are request PINS 3 times, then they are trying to enter the first pin, it will not work, because only the last pin requested will be valid. Maybe they are not waiting long enough to get a PIN, then requesting another one, but when they finally get the first PIN that they requested, that’s the one they try to enter, but it’s been expired because they requested a new PIN. Normally PIN’s are received within a few seconds of requesting one, but every once in awhile, it can take a couple of minutes to get the PIN email.


That makes so much sense. My only concern if the paying clients are having problems with the sign-on process, it may make them shy away from investing in using the App. I am considering making the App Public instead of Public w/PIN.
Just wanted to know if there was a bug or if it’s user error.

That’s just my guess as to what could be the issue. Some email providers are problematic from what I’ve read. I personally haven’t had any issues with Gmail for my personal projects. I’ve tested hundreds of apps and for that I use a testing email through Mailinator and for the most part, emails have been instantly received, or at worst, it took a minute or so to get the PIN email. Otherwise, it’s been a very reliable process in my experience.


Yes, thank you…I appreciate your insight :grin:

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You could also allow user to enter the app and then allow them to sign in once their are in the app by using the sign in action


Yeah, that PIN is a pain in the ass sometimes. It might be immediate or 5 minutes later, the problem is when one employee gets it right away they then tell the other employee whos waiting to resubmit. I think it should allow for a popup during PIN screen.


We run an app with over 3000 users and some did run into similar issues last year during an event. Mainly it was the following two issues:

  • Yahoo addresses had issues for us and would not receive any PIN, period. Not sure if this is fixed by now.
  • Some users would grow impatient and request multiple PINs in a short time period without properly refreshing their inbox first. This resulted in the earlier PINs being invalidated and delaying them further. As stated above, only the most recent PIN is valid.

Using Row Owners, you can make some apps public and allow basic interaction, then prompt for sign in when the user interacts with certain things via a button or action. Make sure to read more at the Security Center and if you’re paying for your app, request a security review with the Glide team.