HELP! Users can't sign in without Gmail!

Hi everyone! Anyone else having an issue with users not being able to sign in unless they have a Gmail account. My user has aol. She can’t sign in since last night. I tried with an old yahoo acct that I have same thing. Only Gmail sign in is working.

Settings for Privacy:
My app is public. Optional sign-in. Anyone can sign-in.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I just tested with one of my Apps.
The PIN was received within seconds, and sign in was successful.

Are your users getting any sort of error message after they attempt to sign in?

Thanks for responding! No error. Just no pin being sent. And I don’t see the sign in attempt on the back end of the app, either.

So the PIN code is not being received?

When that happens, it’s usually either a problem with the email provider, or the emails are getting caught in spam filters.

Tried with both aol and yahoo. Not in spam or trash. The spreadsheet doesn’t reflect that the email was even input.

I assume that you’re referring to the App: Logins sheet, yes?
You won’t see anything in that unless the user successfully signs in, and if they aren’t receiving the PIN then that obviously isn’t happening.

I’m sorry, I don’t have anything else to suggest. Are you on a plan that is entitled to Glide Support?
If yes, you could try submitting a support ticket.

Yes, the App: Logins. Ok… Thanks for trying!

@JackVaughan Any suggestions? I tried on Gmail and Hotmail. It works for those 2. But aol and Yahoo are a bust! I did open up a support ticket, but I figured I’d try my luck in the community as well.

Hey @Dr_Renee_Volny_Darko - sorry you’re experiencing this. I don’t have the context on this as much as support - as they work more closely with engineering. If you don’t get a response - feel free to ping me here again and i’ll follow up for you.

Hi @Dr_Renee_Volny_Darko

Please send the email addresses in question to along with a brief description of what is wrong (no pins received). 9 times out of 10 we can look into our email provider and see what happened, usually it either is reported as received in which case the user needs to talk to their email provider or more often there is block list hitting due to an app name or something like that.

Either way we always do our best to help, but the reality is email deliverability is not perfect because spam filters are often overly broad and many many things can trigger them. Spammers are why nobody can have nice things :stuck_out_tongue:


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Happened for multiple users today and they were using business emails in europe providers, it takes 9 mins to get into their inbox