Doing the login

My app’s URL: - today, I was beta testing with some users, and the application presented instabilities. The users, for some reason, were not receiving the pin back after the request. Three users could log in to the app or receive the pin on the email register

Is there a specific email domain they’re using? Probably that domain is blocking emails from Glide.

.me from apple and gmail. in both cases message was email not registered even if in the list

Are you duplicating threads on the forum about the same issue?

Is this the same as this?

It’s helpful to you and others (and confusing if we are trying to help you) if you don’t duplicate. Thanks

I intended to test your app, to see if I get the pin, however you don’t appear to be using glides native sign in feature so I can’t.

Just checking - I assume you are not expecting a pin to be generated and sent from glide when using this screen? :arrow_down:

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