Pin emails not sending


I have been using glide to make an inventory app for my organization. My organization has two different mail servers, a custom gmail and an exchange server. When I tried to deploy my app the users with exchange emails do not receive the login pin email at all (not in spam either). The users on the gmail server receive it just fine so naturally I thought our exchange server was just filtering the emails from so I had our IT department check the logs for the exchange server and there is not a single message from that address in any inbox, spam, filter, or hygiene service we run. I have one of each email myself and can confirm I receive the pin email on the gmail account and do not receive it on the exchange account. Additionally, I correctly receive emails on the exchange account from when a new user requests access so it seems unlikely that our mail service is somehow blocking mail. Perhaps the auth email is not being sent somehow?

I have seen a few posts similar to this without much resolution - is there anyway to talk to glide support about this? I really like glide but this is a breaking issue since we need to keep our data behind a login (its not sensitive just dont want the general public to be able to view it easily). Or has anyone else had a similar problem that they resolved somehow?

I realize this is hard to diagnose since it is specific to my environment but I am happy to be a tester if it will help solve the problem. Like I mentioned above I really like glide and in my opinion it is the best of the no-code app builders but if this isnt fixed I will be forced to cancel my subscription and rebuild on another platform.

Can you try submitting a ticket and provide as much detail as possible? Thank you.

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