Login issue

Hello everybody!

My app’s URL: https://k5ip2.glide.io

I am connecting to the app but I am facing login issues:

  1. I enter the email address on the login page, I then click on “Receive a PIN code”.
  2. I leave the app to go to open my mailbox.
  3. I copy-paste the pin in my mailbox
  4. I click again on the app
  5. The app reloads and I have to fill my email address again and click again on “Receive a pin code”
  6. Then,
    6.a. Either I enter the code I received and it is not working
    6b. OR I ask again for a new code, then the steps repeats undefinetely

The screenshot below:

Did someone encounter the same issue? How can I proceed?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I thought there used to be a button that you click if you already have a pin so you could bypass the first step in aquiring a pin. I wonder if something changed.

I went through this with a stack of users on my internal app.

Sometimes you have to “activate” the button by entering a valid email. THEN instead of clicking SEND PIN, click I ALREADY HAVE PIN, and replace the email address you entered with the PIN, then click your button. This SHOULD solve your issue.

BTW - I only encountered this on my whitelisted apps, I have not heard of it with my “Public with PIN” version.

@DAG Are you using iOS 12? We’re aware of an issue on iOS 12 that could be causing this and will have a hot fix out shortly.

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I was just trying this with my whitelisted app. I’m not seeing the ‘I Already Have pin’ option.

It only happened for the initial log in. Once they were in, they were OK. I couldn’t recreate it on purpose, and I couldn’t identify a pattern to it either - some were Android users, and other iOS users. I guess the only REAL pattern was inexperienced device users.

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We removed “I already have a pin” because people were pressing it and retrieving days or weeks-old pins from their email archives. Pins are single-use, but most app users do not understand this.


@david did the test with the phone of my friend and I had the problem this weekend. Is it related to the iOS version of the phone?

I wonder if it would be worth putting the “I already have a pin” button back, but include some obvious verbiage that the user must have requested a new pin within that past few minutes for that device and that pins can only be used once. I’m sure somebody will still ignore it, but just a thought. Or if it would be possible to temporarily store the email and only show the button if the email had requested a pin in the past few minutes.

@Jeff_Hager It would be a good idea

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Hi. I’m having the same issue and so far, it’s only for users with a yahoo email address. It appears that there’s a significant delay in receiving the pin email, ONLY for yahoo email addresses, so that when you go to enter the pin, it doesn’t work. @David, when does the pin code expire?

I think it would be great to provide the user with the choice to have the PIN number being set to either email address or a mobile number. It seems receiving PIN to mobile number is more favorable as also users are now more accustomed to receiving confirmation PINS / Number from Major Application Providers.

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I have experienced the same issue with my yahoo email address. Weird… But latency is probably on yahoo side.

I’m getting users with up to 30-minute delay in receiving their pins. Gmail and yahoo.