Bug in receiving Email Pins


We experienced an issue recently where many people were unable to receive the email with the login pin when using their business emails to log in. The users were from various companies. Unfortunately, the only way they were able to successfully receive the email was by using their personal emails with gmail, or yahoo. This issue was reported by over 30% of our users which leads me to believe there is a bigger issue at hand.

I am curious what steps we can take in the future to circumvent this issue.

Additionally, I would kindly request some features that would be beneficial:

  1. Alternate authentication methods.
  2. Ability to customize the email address that sends the pin.
  3. Access to an email log so that we can see how many email pin’s were sent successfully or re-requested.

Maybe this is an issue related to their business email domain provider. If they are all using the same domain, maybe check with some people over there to see if they unintentionally block Glide, or the service Glide was using to send emails.

I am experiencing the same issue. Users with business e-mails are not receiving app invitations or login PIN emails. One business was able to find them quarantined by their e-mail server and release them. But given that this is reported by multiple Glide users, across numerous businesses, this seems like a Glide problem not a client problem.