"Wrong passcode" - New User getting when she inputs the pin


I have a public app that users are sharing and one particular users keep getting the message “Wrong passcode” after she enters the pin that was sent to her email address. Any idea why this would be happening as this issue may come up in the future and I didn’t find any other posts that mentions this issue.

Thank You

Has she entered the pin incorrectly, or requested a second pin which invalidated the first pin? Is she trying to reuse an old pin from a prior successful login?

One of my users had the same problem. Another user reported getting three pin emails. One with a 5-digit pin; one with a 7-digit pin and one with a successful 6-digit pin. Is there a problem with this service?

Usually I get a second pin if I’m impatient and request a second one. I’ve never had it double or triple send on it’s own.

If a user requests another pin in quick succession, Glide will add more digits as a security measure. Those should only be sent if the user actually requests more pins. Are you able to reproduce this problem yourself? If so, could you please send a video?