Issues with receiving login pin code?

Users told me they are not receiving pins, I also tried now and I’m not receiving them.
Anything we can do about that?

Also, some users try again and when they finally receive a code the system tells them it’s the wrong code - can you change it so that when I request a new code the old one doesn’t expire? so if I ask for a code and receive “12345” it will be valid for X minutes even if I requested another code and received “67890”

I’m not sure what to tell users when they don’t receive a login code… any help/ideas?

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Usually when people reported about this in the past, the issue is either the email went into their spam box, or the email provider blocked Glide.

I’m not sure if that’s hard to change, or if there are any possible problems with having multiple valid pins at the same time, but I believe many services use the same approach as Glide.