Unable to get PIN for app and to open Details

My app’s URL: https://br4t1.glideapp.io/

Good day,

Thank you for such a great product. I’ve having two challenges.

  1. I’m unable to get a PIN to sign in the App via email (I receive no email)

  2. I have two Inline Menus on one Tab called ‘Coming Events’. When I initially click a Row Item, I was able to view the Details of the Item. Now it just freezes.

Also out out curiosity, is there a video that shows you how to set up Log In Pages for your Users?


  1. The app needs it’s to have one of the email options set up. Settings/Privacy/Sign in. Then the app will ask the first time user to enter their email and a pin will be sent. If you have already done this then check your spam folder.
  2. I don’t see the Inline Menus on the Coming Events tab.
  1. Is it freezing or do you just not have any connections on that page?

Speaking of freezing, apart from the weather here, if I forget to freeze my top header row, and do a sort, the related Tab disappears from the app like black magic.

Once you move the header back to the proper position, the Tab reappears. Luckily it’s happened enough that I can figure it out before blaming Glide. Ha.

Greetings all. I solved the problem by creating two different Google sheets for the ‘Details View’.

It seems that once you put in two Incline Menus, this automatically becomes the Details View. If you attempt to dive further into the two Incline Menus, the same page re-appears.

Re PIN issue, I still haven’t received an email with a PIN code. Not sure what’s the issue.


If you haven’t received the pin how are you able to get into the app?

I’ve had a few users say they haven’t received the PIN. They say they looked in the spam folder. What’s a timeframe they can expect? (the people that signed up while we were on a call together got it in seconds so I don’t know what to tell the ones who don’t)
Thank you.

Most of the time I get a pin within seconds. On rare occasions it will take several seconds or if I’m impatient I request a second pin and then it works. There’s probably a lot of factors, but most likely it’s email providers or third party spam blockers that block emails.

Hi Jeff, My pin issue looks to be that all customers with a btinternet dot com or att dot net don’t receive the pin. Any advice?

I m getting this issue today, did you resolve? Thanks

Edit - it appears to be an iPhone thing. iPhone is not syncing for btinternet. If I go into desktop btinternet account the mails appear.

Hi Rose,

No we couldn’t resolve this. We asked users to whitelist the Glide email and this helped. Otherwise they had to use a different email.


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