🆕 Spotted an option to edit email pin?

Does this mean we are getting more options for signing in?
What’s coming? Any guesses?


Oooo maybe a consistent PIN that can be shared with users so they don’t have to wait on the email with the PIN?! That would be helpful for sure.

Basically turns it into a password app though… so not sure that makes sense or is the purpose for sure.

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I think it’s just a link to screen for privacy settings


Maybe sms verification is coming soon??


@Manan_Mehta good spot, been on glideapps all day and didn’t notice that :star_struck:

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I agree with @Eric_Penn, it appears to be a direct shortcut the the Privacy settings tab.

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The “Email Pin” option still seems like something different than what is currently available. Unless that’s what shows up for Private Pro apps (can’t test that!).

Yes, that’s what shows on private apps. I see it on one of my private apps. On other apps, it says ‘public with email’ or just ‘Your app is public’. I think it’s just letting you know what the privacy setting is before you publish.



The share button now has a “open in new tab” button which directly opens the app, no need to copy and paste anymore.
Small things that make it easy!