Customize e-mail sent to users with pin

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While using my Glide app, which has a password for authorized users, I realized sometimes users are confused by the pin e-mail or don’t quite know what the message is about. Depending on what your audience is, this can be a reason to loose users.
Would it be possible to customize the message your users get with their pin: insert more text or images for example? It seems to me that a personalized message is a better and warmer way to greet our users.

If anybody could help me with this issue, it would be terrific! Thanks a lot!!


Hi Victoria,

At the moment it is not possible to change the message. I wanted this as well when I made a lot of public with email apps back in the day, but since the “Sign in with Google” option is available I always enabled it to bypass that problem to an extent.


Thanks a lot for your quick reply! The trouble is, most of the people that use my apps have other accounts, not many of them have Gmail. Do you have any suggestion of what to do in this case?

So imagine if the email is not in your language…

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I am thinking of a public app with a user-specific entry for your “password”. When users enter that password right then everything will be displayed, otherwise no. But then you have to make a lot of adjustments in the visibility of each component. Would you be willing to go that way?

Hi Victoria, welcome to the community!

Please can we know why your app is not public but public with email? I know its a stupid Q, but if members are not required to sign up is contingent on/after event x taking place, and not say before event x taking place, you might be able to keep your app public. Sometimes, the favourite/comment components can be used to trigger the sign up process. But this depends on why they are being asked to sign up. If they are being asked to create an account to be able to access all tabs/important tabs then we are helpless, but if say they only have to sign up to make comments/purchase goods, then we can rescue users of your app from having to sign in.

Thank you

Hi there! Thanks for your suggestion! That is indeed a good idea. In our case, that unfortunately wouldn’t work because we need to have a unique password per user. I don’t mind the trouble, making it work is all that matters hahah

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Thanks a lot for your ideas and quick response!

Hmmmmm, I see your point. In our case, we want the app to show different data to specific people, so we’re using the sing-in e-mail as the key to visibility. As some people can’t have access to all the data, we need to have a login before they enter the app :frowning:

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Okay, the PIN page is not something we have any control over. As far as I am aware GlideHQ oversees that process. But, if som1 else on this forum has more inside info on this, I am sure you will hear from them on this thread.

The only other thing that comes to mind is maybe adding some text on the sign screen with emojis alerting the users to lookout for the pin in their inbox.

Thank you

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