Disable Pin code for email users

Is there a way to disable the pin code verification?
Currently our problem is our users are not pushing thru our fillup information since they don’t open their emails. (3rd world problem)
is there a way for us to disable this , even we have custom view/profile per user.
our app is a subscription plan and users need to fillup all the information.
every users will need to submit their information.

So you would want to allow anybody to have the ability to use anybody elses email address without any sort of verification that they actually own the email address?

I mean is there any other way rather than pin via email, since most of our customers don’t open their email address, mobile phones are more popular in our country, in a form of verification.

Not at this time. If you want to use the functionality of signed in user, you need to use Public with Email which uses the pin. Otherwise you would have to attempt to build your own sign in process, possibly by using user specific columns and filtering on a Public app.

You can also use he Google sign in and then no need for pin