User Name and Password Authentication

The best thing about the low-code aspects of Glide is the provision for high-level ways to do common things. Glide is terrific in the area of information presentation. I think Glide could be improved by adding a high-level mechanism to create the standard username/password mechanism used in most existing apps and applications. Currently, a developer needs to weave together several different lower-level mechanisms to achieve what is very commonly needed functionality. A single higher-level abstraction for authenticated access to private data would enhance the attractiveness of Glide to new developers.

Three scenarios:

  1. Anonimous Use An app requires no login to allow a user to see completely public information.

  2. Authenticated Use An app requires a username and password so that private information associated with a particular user can be stored securely.

  3. Authenticated Subscription Use A user applies to use an app with a unique email address as a username and private password. Moderator reviews credentials and approves of disapproves subscription.

These three scenarios have survived the test of time and most users are familiar with and expect to see these three different methods used in applications.

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