Customize e-mail sent to new users

Loading a glide app is not straight forward - especially on the home screen for iphone users.

Is it possible to customise the email that is sent to new users when they login and receive a pin for the first time.

Or to explain that once they add the app to home screen, they will need to get another new pin.

Thanks, I am on a pro account. But when I go to settings as you suggest, there is no “email” tab to edit. Please advise. All I can edit is the sign-in screen and what is displayed there.

The reply from the bot is incorrect. That setting doesn’t exist.
There is no way to do what you are asking at the moment.

OK - can the email that does go out then to new users have some kind of link where new users can learn how to best install the app on home screen for Android and IOS? They need a step-by-step orientation.

The on-boarding with Glide is not seamless for people unfamiliar with such kinds of apps.

If my app is public with email sign-in, does an app that is only public not require a pin?

We don’t have any customisation options for that email at the moment. Perhaps in the future, I don’t know. There is a Glide youtube video that covers installation on both platforms, one option may be to embed that video in your App home screen, or an onboarding screen.

If users are signing in, then yes they need to authenticate. Either with the PIN or using Google Authentication (which is a much more seamless experience). Glide have indicated recently that they may support some additional authentication options in the future, but we don’t have any details yet.

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