Removing the requirement to sign in when selecting "favorites"

I have my app privacy settings set up as “Public” (rather than “Public with email”), because I don’t want to have to require people to sign in at all/at any point to use this app, but I get a prompt to sign in when I want to “favorite” an element- is there a way to remove the requirement to sign in?

Not really at this time. Glide needs a way to track each user’s favorites, so it requires them to sign in so it can link those favorites to a user email. You could do something similar with user specific columns without requiring a sign in, but those values are lost once a user closes the app.


Oh darn, but yeah that makes sense. I’ve been getting some pushback that the sign in is too much a barrier for some people who don’t want to go through the pin process. Thanks so much for your quick reply!! @Jeff_Hager

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