Requiring sign-in for private app

Hello! Very new user here. I’ve learned a lot reading many entries in the Library/Documentation section over the last few days. But I’m now stumped and need some help please.

–1. I’d like to limit access to only people who signed into the app. In the “Privacy” tab, I see “Sign-In” with either “Required” or “Optional”, so I have selected “Required”.

But yet, when I “share” my app with someone (either via the “Link” web address, or the QR code, or the email invitation), the person can open the app in their phone browser, and edit rows or add rows, without actually having to sign-in.

I’m clearly missing something, but I don’t know what I’m missing.

–2. While trying to solve that first problem, I came across the Library entry for “Login/Sign In” (

And there is a four-seconds video/GIF, that shows the Privacy settings with the following options:
–Public Sign-In: Public
–Public Sign-In: Public with email
–Private Sign-In: Limit access by password
–Private Sign-In: Limit access to emails in sheet

I don’t have those options in my Privacy settings. Therefore I’m assuming the GIF is out of date and the settings have changed. But it raises the question. How do I know if my app is set to Public or to Private?

My uneducated low-confidence guess is that:
–“Users in the user profiles table” = Private?
–“Only My Team Editors” = Private?
–“Anyone” = Public?

Thanks for helping an ignorant newbie out.


Being able to sign in to your app, and being able to add/edit data are two different things, and are controlled separately. Have a read here:

Yes, that’s pretty much correct.

Update: I just reread this part of your post…

Regarding the first part of the above, check that you have User Profiles properly configured.

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Thanks Darren, I appreciate the reply.

I initially didn’t have a User Profiles Table. But after I figured out what that was, and how it could be used, everything seems to be working the way I want it to now.