How to Approach User Access on free plan

Hi All -
I am new to glide (5 hours old). I have built a simple directory for a non-profit. It will have max 100 rows, and therefore max 100 “readers” of the data. Only one person will be editing the app. I would prefer that only the people in the directory have access to the information.

I am on the free plan and would like to keep it that way. I have made the app a Public app with No-Sign-in requirement. I think this will make everyone a “Visitor”, so that all 100 members can access. Is that correct? What are the dangers of doing it this way?

Is there any other way to achieve my goals with tighter access?

Thank you

Yes, if users don’t sign in then they are considered a visitor.

Anyone with the app link, or anyone that can find the link will have access to the app and any publicly available content.

If your app is public and you require sign in, then users will be forced to sign in, but at the same time anybody can still sign in, so not much difference.

If your app is private, then you can truly restrict who has access to the app, but all users will be considered private.


Here is a chart that will give you an overview of the status user will have – visitor, public user, private user – based on your access settings.

Courtesy of Darren.


WOW! Awesome explanation. this is perfect for me to apply to my internal app!

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