How can I set a app or pages as a visitor only


How to setup the app or pages as visitor only not a public or private users.

Settings → Privacy → Public → No sign-in

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Ok.if I choose this setting,can I use row owner?

Also clarify,if I use like this,it won’t count as login users?

If your app only has visitors and your app, therefore, cannot identify visitors from one another (they don’t need to sign in), how is your app supposed to allocate data ownership to any specific user (since they all look the same to your app)?

In the data editor, on an email column, you will be able to set row ownership, but I don’t think it’ll do anything.

If all the users of your app are visitors only and cannot log in, then they won’t count as logged-in users and they will only count against your quota of visitors which is unlimited.

I will see what I can do to create without counting users.It doesn’t matter of who seeing or doing what in the app.

I will create a functional thing first and confirm you.

Hope David won’t change this.

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The app’s access settings are not only about quotas, they also influence user experience.

If the access settings are set to public and no sign-in, then all users of the app are visitors. To your app they all appear as a silhouette, they are all one and the same person. This means that you cannot offer a personalized experience within the app. Your app becomes a website that acts and feels like an app where people do not have the option to sign in.


I don’t have that option ???

Looks like you are using a Classic App. Only New Apps have the 'No Sign-in option. At most, you can make sign in optional, and if you don’t want to allow users to sign in at all, then you will have to remove everything from the side menu, so it doesn’t show.

Thank you for your quick response.
But the classic app always had the option to have unlimited visitors.
I can’t get everything removed from the side menu (‘Over’ and ‘Check out’).

By the way, I now get the message for all apps I have created (This app has reached its monthly user limit).

Not sure what to tell you. If you want to guarantee that user’s do not sign in, or cannot sign in, then you may have to convert your projects to a New Glide Apps. Otherwise, with Classic Apps, you’ll just have to discourage users from signing in, or tell them that they are not required to sign in.

Or as an alternative, you can apply whitelisting by setting the USERS section to a specific table. Either your Team, or even a dummy table that is empty or only has one or two emails in it. Then only users in that table will be able to sign in, and everyone else will not be able to, so they will stay as visitors.

As long as a user is not signed in, then they will be considered as Visitors instead of Public or Private users.

Which limit has been exceeded? Public or Private users? Do you know which App in your team may have triggered this message? If it’s a user that didn’t need to sign in, then you should be able to delete the record from the user profile table and delete all user info, which should make the message go away.


@Jeff_Hager Thank you very much for your quick response. This solved the problem (It did have something to do with the policy within Glide).

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