... and again private users

in my fist account i set next settings:

and over 45 users can log in my app…
in my second account i apply the same settings, but only 3 user can login.
maybe reason is that firstly i make next settings:

after changing settins correctly count of private users is not reset… and most problem what today, after month going count of private users steel not reset… (nothing reset :face_with_spiral_eyes: )
i have no roles in my app and i don’t understand what’s wrong and what i need to do… maybe i have just to wait or a not?
PS sorry for my english

did something change?
where to look for the truth?


I’m really tired of experimenting…
I read the manual and tried different combinations…
Can someone from the experts describe step by step what is needed so that only users from the white list can enter the application?
PS I put a stub on all pages in order to make the application completely public, but the question is why did I develop app by standarts by assigning row owners and separating confidential information from public information?
PPS besides, everything works in another account and I don’t know what the difference is …

What do you mean by “enter the application” - do you mean sign in, or just load and browse without signing in?

So these are two Apps in two separate teams?
Which pricing plan does each team have?
If the second one is restricted to 3 private users, that suggests that it’s probably on a free plan.

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great thanks for your aswering :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
i develop non commercial app to help several groups of volonteers in different citys.
every group has personal google and glide account.

i mean sign in because every volonteer have personal task

yes it’s two separate teams & yes both teams have a free plan cause it’s social progects

Okay, understood.

So getting back to your earlier question…

The settings in either of the first two screen shots that you posted will give you that.
That is:

  • Access → Private
  • Users → Users in the Users table OR Any email in table

BUT… on a free plan you will be limited to only 3 signed in users.

in first case this construction is worked

maybe it’s bug or firstly settings was different (actually i don’t remember) and all users are logging with another settings…
now i undestand what settings need to change but i don’t know how tune white users list :thinking:
I have a suspicion that whitelisting is no longer supported on free plans

What your second screen shot shows is 45 PUBLIC users - not Private.
The only way you would have gotten that is is you had the Access set to Public at some point.

It is, but as I mentioned earlier you are limited to a maximum of 3 private users on the free plan.

Do I understand correctly that this information in the documentation is outdated?

No, that’s correct. But possibly a little misleading. It’s important to understand the difference between users and visitors. Visitors are those that access your App without actually signing in. There are no limits on the number of visitors allowed, on any plan.

But once users start signing in, then they become either private or public users.

If you allow anyone to sign in to your App, then all users who sign in will be counted as Public users (except for those who are assigned a role - which are counted as Private).

But if you restrict who can sign in in any way (eg by using an email whitelist), then all users who do sign in will be counted as Private users.

huge thanks for your explanations