Users count

my dashboard shows 30 users but app shows different data like private users 11/10 and public users 9/1000. i have starter plan with permissible 1000 public users. i want to have only public app.

new users are not able to sign-in and showing private users limit reached. settings are for public use.

What you see in the dashboard should be the number of unique users across the entire team. So that should mean that you have 30 unique users for the month across all of your apps.

  • In any of the apps in your team, do you use Roles? Any user with a role will be considered a private user.
  • Do you have any of your apps configured as private app? Allowed user for a private app will be considered private users.

When you say that you want to have a public app, does that mean that you want an app where users have to sign in, or an app where users don’t need to sign it? User counts shouldn’t be affected if a user is not signed in.

So if an app is public with no sign in, then there is no limit to the number of users. If a user has to sign in, you don’t use user profile roles, and you don’t have an app set as private, then those users will be considered public users. If you use roles or the app is private, then those users will be considered private users.