HELP! there is no support and my app is not working

I have an app that i launched more than a week ago.
i gave the link to 250 user
115 were able to log in
all the rest are getting a message that the app private users limit has reached the max.
i dont need any of them to be private
what i want that only people from my user’s list will be able to log in
i get zero support from the “support team here”
and i am about to lose a lot of money as the client is clearly pissed off at me

Which plan are you on?

Do you use Role functionality in your project?

What you are explaining here describes a private user, because using a whitelist for users would make the app private. However, your screenshot shows that it’s a public app. Can you explain how you are trying to restrict the users that can sign in?

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I am on the private first plan of 29$
We don’t have rolls

בתאריך יום ו׳, 23 בדצמ׳ 2022, 15:23, מאת Jeff Hager via Glide Community ‏<>:

Do you mean the Starter plan? Or are you on an old legacy plan? The Starter plan is $25 and only allows for 10 private users. I believe $29 was maybe the cost for an old legacy pro plan. Pricing has changed over the years, so I want to make sure I understand which plan you are on. Are you on any of the following plans on this page? Glide • Pricing

Also, you mention that you are on a Private plan (which sounds like an old legacy plan because there really isn’t such a thing as Public or Private plans anymore), and that you use a whitelist to restrict which users can sign in, but your screenshot shows that you have selected Public access, so something isn’t making sense to me. Based on your screenshot, anybody in the world could sign into your app as it appears to be Public, but you make it sound like it’s Private with a whitelist, which I don’t see.


I set ot like this so people can log in but still they can’t
And they recive the message with this settings

בתאריך יום ו׳, 23 בדצמ׳ 2022, 16:31, מאת Jeff Hager via Glide Community ‏<>:

I’m trying to establish which plan you have, so I know how many private users your current plan was or should be allowing. That’s why I asked if you were using any of the current plans listed on Glide’s website, or if you are using an old legacy plan.

As I’m understanding it, you used to have your project set to Private and maybe exceeded the allowed number of private users, and as a result, you set your project to public.

The information is conflicting. I’m not quite sure which plan you are on, and it sounds like you want private whitelisted users, but have your project set to public and you say that you don’t want users to be private. Whitelisting users means they become private users, but that doesn’t correspond with your privacy settings.

Now, I’ve seen other similar reports of users exceeding there Private user limits, even though their privacy settings were set to Public. As far as I know, all claimed to not be using Role functionality, although it would be helpful to see a screenshot of the user profile configuration to visually confirm that. Another question that has been asked is if those users ever had their privacy settings set to private in the same billing cycle, before setting their privacy to public. I don’t know if any of those users answered that question, and I don’t know if those users ever had their issue resolved.

Until I see some screenshot confirmation of your user profile and privacy settings, as well as knowing which plan you project is under, then I really don’t have any other advice. It very well could be a big, but it’s hard to determine if it is without all of the answers to the questions being asked.