Exceeded Private users limit (but I have a public app)

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:

  • I have a public app, but it says that I exceeded the limit of private users. Some of my users can’t access the app

Expected behavior:

  • My users must access the app

Can you provide a screen shot of your App Privacy Settings please? (Settings → Privacy)

Okay, thanks.

Could I also see your User Profiles configuration please?
Specifically, I want to see if you have Roles configured.


Okay, so with those settings none of your users should be counted as Private.

Question: Have you changed the privacy settings since your App was first published? That is, is it possible that the Access was initially set as Private, and later changed to Public?

Actually, it has never been set as Private. I only have another app that is Private, but nobody uses it, and it’s not connected with any other app


User quotas are team based rather than project based. On a Starter Plan you’d be limited to 10 private users in total across all projects.

What do you see on your Usage Dashboard?

The only thing I can think of at this stage is that you might have had users sign into one of your projects when it was set as private, and the usage count hasn’t reset yet.

Here it is. I updated my Plan 2 days ago.

Is it possible to refresh Private Users quota?

If you have the emails of users that might have signed into any Apps as private users, you can try purging them via Settings → Data → Delete User Data.

This method has worked for others in the past.


Thanks for your help. It’s come in handy, I really appreciate it! :pray:

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